We Value Your Loved Ones Like Our Own

We provide our clients with enriching activities that provide many mental health benefits, designed to lift their mood and increase a sense of self-reliance and purpose. Besides our exciting activities, we also provide services that support their individual care needs and overall wellness.

In addition to these services, we also provide:

Door-to-Door Transportation

Our reliable staff can drive our clients from their homes to our center and back. Aside from this, our clients can also use our transportation services for doctor appointments and center trips.

Rest assured, our vehicles are equipped to provide the utmost comfort and security for our elderly passengers.

Hot, Nutritious Meals and Snacks

We keep in mind our client’s nutritional needs as we make their meals and snacks. Should they be on a strict diet plan, we’ll be pleased to follow and prepare their meals accordingly.

Medical and Nursing Supervision

Our facility is also staffed with nurses and other health practitioners to provide clients with the needed medical care. With the help of our health staff, we can provide wound care, medication management assistance, and medical procedures as necessary.

Health Monitoring

We have a healthcare team who can monitor our clients’ blood sugar levels, cholesterol, and blood pressure. This is our way of keeping our clients’ health in check while temporarily under our care.

Medication Administration

Self-administered medications can be a challenge, especially for seniors and adults with impairments. This is why we have caregivers, nurses, and health aides to provide support with medication administration. Our support may include medication dispensing, medication reminders, and the like.

Pharmacy Consulting

We work with pharmacists to help our clients get access to pharmaceutical services and support with their medication management needs. Through pharmacist consultations, our clients will be educated about their medications, how to better manage them, learn more about the benefits, and determine what pharmaceutical options they have.

Social Services

We have social workers who can educate clients regarding their care options, privilege, and entitlement. They can also provide referrals to the appropriate community resources to help finance the clients’ service options.

Moreover, our social services also include helping clients adapt to our center, arranging for community services, assistance with transition, serve as a conduit between the client, caregiver, and the center, and coordinate with the care plan as necessary.

Dietary Counseling

Our nutritionist/dietitian provides health education regarding nutritional intake, healthy habits, food choices, and lifestyle. Other concepts that will be discussed may also include lifestyle diseases, their risk factors, symptoms, treatments, etc.

If necessary, our dietitians can also develop a personalized diet plan for our clients, which will guide us in preparing their meals.

A Team You Can Count On

Our adult day care offers personalized care tailored to each client’s individual needs. Here, we have attentive staff and specialized programs that provide the personalized attention necessary to support our clients in a safe and supervised environment. We are compassionate and respectful, interacting with our Adult Day Care Clients, encouraging their individual expression, and maintaining their dignity. All these are provided in our warm, comfortable, and inviting environment.

Everyone has a story. Let us get to know yours! Enlist in our Adult Day Care services.


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